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Overfeed Pinning System

Overfeed Pinning System

Overfeed Pinning System


  • Overfeed sets upto - 20% to 60%
  • Lifting can be by means of mechanical or pneumatic.
  • Overfeed, underfeed, selvedge can be controlled individually as per need,
  • Double Driven S. S. Scroll Rollers for Woven / Knitted Fabrics.
Overfeed Pinning System

PLC System

PLC System
  • PLC with touch screen for smooth operation & synchronization of overfeed, fabric tension & selvedge tension.
  • Blower / Exhaust RPM indicator & controller, temp. Indicator & controller with emergency stop.
  • Width adjustment system screen available on request.
  • Production data history, electric fault indication & other features on request.
  • Machine running hour, meter run & other features available as per requirement.
  • Liquid level controller in mangle.
  • Radiation pyrometer.

Inlet Desk View

Inlet Desk View

Inlet Desk View

SS Scroll Roller
Inlet Desk View


  • The control board "cockpit" gives all the information on regarding machine controls.
  • Auto cut-off of blowers when m/c. stops in operations.
  • T.V. camera with mine & speakers for communications.
  • User friendly machine controls.
  • Each module temp. can set individually as per need.
  • Manual + Fully PLC, both supplied for break free operation or in case of emergency.
Out Let Desk Main Chain
Out Let Desk Main Chain

Main Chain

  • Chain link made of high carbon steel with high tensile strength.
  • Sintered bronze liners.
  • Pressure dry cast aluminum alloy pin block/ M. S. Pin blocks.
  • Hard chrome plated pin bar.
  • Pressure dry cast aluminum pin & clip type blocks. / Only clip type blocks.

Chamber View

Chamber View

View of Gas Fired Stenter

  • Lucy make stenter machine with gas heated arrangement. It is equipped with auto-cut off, safety devices. Temperature raises very fast, shortens the loading time of machine.
  • Better efficient insulation for minimum heat losses.

Benefits in Lucy's

  • Large heat exchanger in terms of Length to increases suction area.
  • Dual air filter net, can be cleaned while machine is in operation.
  • High density insulative material for reduction of heatless &without leanages.
  • Space saving design for better utility.
  • Ideal for all kind of fabrics.
  • Water evaporation capacity high from the fabric.
Chamber View

View of Open Chamber

Method of Heating Media

Open Chamber

Open Chamber

Oil Heating Media

  • High efficiency spirally wound hot deep galvanized finned multi pass 1200 / 1600mm long elliptical tube heat exchanger for higher and faster rate of heat transfer with air filter net.
  • Dual air filternet on request

  • View of bolted nozzle system for easy & quick cleaning of nozzle box.
  • No need to remove fingers for cleaning

Nozzle Box

Nozzle Box (suitable for all types of fabrics)

  • Specially designed nozzles with embossed holes giving maximum uniform distribution of hot air & are effected on best drying course. Nozzles are detachable can be removed, cleaned & fitted in very short time - thus help in keeping machine drying efficient constant. Big open able doors with detachable nozzles gives max. access inside the chambers for repairs &cleaning.
  • Individual blowers for top-bottom nozzle available on requirement (for coating & in non woven application) / on request.
Blower Assembly & Specification

Blower Assembly & Specification

  • Special purpose ring mounted motor used for blower impeller with very very low incident of motor burning & overheating problem.
  • 1500 rpm motor & 710 mm diameter with multiple blade as standard supply. 1750 rpm motor available on request.
  • Higher energy efficient lE2, 1E3 standard motor as per need.

Out Let Desk

Out Let Desk

  • Delivery of fabrics in the stenter m/c is available with plaiter, big batching & friction batching / surface winder.
  • Static eliminator also provided at plaiter on request.